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The Need-a-Job Network is an online service dedicated to improving the work and life of the technology professional, and for businesses who wish to recruit these professionals.

Since its inception, needajob.net has done business with a wide variety of companies in the technology sector, and our member base has grown at a phenomenal rate.

The Need-a-Job Network helps members to realize their career options while developing productive relationships with potential employers.

The Need-a-Job Network provides employers with the resources to acquire and retain technology professionals, by giving them access to an extensive pool of technology professionals via a powerful and highly relevant search engine.

Members who use the site can use our Resume Builder tool to complete a personal career tracker, peruse company opportunities, and alert companies they are interested in working for them, participate in Job Fairs, receive training courses, get answers to career questions, and read content developed by a veteran technology editorial staff in our member newsletter.

Employers have the ability to provide a description showcasing their workplace environments and open positions. They may also hold and participate in JobFairs, maintain a private list of interested candidates, access our searchable database to profiles offered by members who entered their information using our Resume Builder, and have job openings emailed directly to potential candidates.

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